Alison Seda, Artist - Pen and Ink/Watercolor - San Diego, CA

"I love to draw and draw and draw. The pen is my torch of choice and ink is my gasoline. Sometimes I throw a little watercolor on my fires."


Alison grew up in northern San Diego County drawing feverishly at every opportunity and on any relatively flat surface she could find. Her parents, keenly aware of her obsession and her early talent, enrolled her in art lessons, which she continued for years. Today, that intense love of drawing remains a vibrant and integral aspect of her life.

Her style and medium have evolved over the years, yet she remains fascinated with the natural world and her work reflects that love of life, nature and the world around her.

"My art is a sincere study of my musings, which are an undulating spectrum ranging from realistic, whimsical, mischievous and at times, the lachrymose."


  About the Artist

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